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A-free-poker.com is an humble site, without lucrative purpose (otherwise, we'd focused on non-free poker games), whose goal is to share our passion for Poker to our visitors, and help them find their way around in the Poker universe on the Web, focusing exclusively on the free poker games.

I - Who we are ?

This site is the international version of the French website http://www.un-poker-gratuit.fr.

Both sites have a similar content, this one being in English and aiming the international players, while the other is in French, and oriented for the French-speaking "market". Instead of having the English/International version of our site, on the French domain, we have decided to dedicate an entire domain to this international version, mostly to avoid any confusion and to let us the choice of a possible orientation/content evolution in the future...

None of our teammate is really fluent in English, and we hope this site's content is understandable for everyone. If you want to indicate us a major orthographic mistake, please feel free to contact us, using our contact form. Thanks for your indulgence, hoping you'll enjoy your visit and find here what you came for.

II - Our team

Anxious to preserve its anonymity, our small team is made up of three people (2 men and a girl), all of them being very keen on poker.

Each of us has its own formation and skills, being useful to realize this Website (editorial, graphics, etc.), but most of all, each of us has its own experience about poker (around a table or online) and its own tastes, which has useful to elaborate a ranking among the free poker games we have been evaluate on this site...

All of us have played many games, and made our best to propose you a site that we hope will please to as many people as possible...

III - Conclusion

Our purpose with this site is to help you find THE poker game that will fit your expectations. We hope that our reviews will allow you to have a really good and long time (not too much, be careful ;D) playing poker, without spending a single cent. So good game, and good surf ! :)

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